Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What the flock?!

So I'm not going to lie, I feel bad about not updating.  I appreciate everyone who's been checking in the last three months, but lets just say something popped up (or out) in early November and I've been taking a lot more pictures of this baby than anything else.  
So, you can see some of these fellows get the auto treatment and others get the muppet treatment.  I bought the fabric for the big guys and I'll be working on them once the bulk of the little guys are done.  Enjoy!
Insert clever caption here:
Spider-Baby, Spider-Baby. Does whatever a Spider-Baby does. . .
"Oh lordy, lordy!"
I call this one "Maya"
mmm shiney.
The secret life of crayons.
Quite a pair
Melty Mcgee (with Post it)
Furry Poo or Big Bird genitalia. . . you be the judge.
Woody wood pecker
Blending in
So sad