Monday, November 26, 2012

Misanthropy is Overrated (and another tease)

 I try to share my work with everyone.  Especially people who won't get it.  At the very least I try to get people talking about art.  SPEAKING of art that might fall on deaf ears, I have been hard at work, putting together images I've taken of some very lovely people and here is another tease:

I still haven't figured out when I'm going to come clean as to the concept here, but I thought it would be fun to throw it out there.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heads up

So, the time has come.  The work it finally in full swing.  I'll let you know more as the pieces develop.  This is just a little teaser.  I've gotten several models through my interactions on Craigslist.  I'm super excited about the results and met some really nice people who were very generous with their time.

For those who are interested you can follow me now on Instagram and Twitter.  I will be posting little snippets of my process that won't make it to the blog.  @Emergencymeat

Monday, November 12, 2012

Terrible People Can Be Good Allies

This week is a big week.  I have been meeting with people regarding the masks and it's looking good.  Next week I should have some big developments!  Very exciting.  In the mean time, here's my latest little cartoon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Advice From Flawed People

So, I've been making doodles to remind myself of things I've learned being an artist over all these years.  Things that I found out on my own or interesting things I was told and never listened to.  I thought I would start sharing them on here.  I always like hearing advice, good and bad.  It tells you a lot about the person giving it.  Hopefully I won't eat those words.  This week I started a new covering the new head.  With this one I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I've also been posting online for models for the final project.  Here's hoping!

Wow, this is a big head

Crap, this shape means I'm going to have to sew a butt-load of seams

Not sure if I like it  yet...

The real cold weather kicked in this morning.  All I could think of was beef stew in a bread bowl.  It looks like raw stewage, but it was amazing.