Monday, October 29, 2012

Last Halloween Post.. I swear.

What a crazy week.  Finished all the costumes for my family and myself.  Here's a close up of the batcowl and a shot of the Robin Costume.  Also a shot of what it looks like without a cape.  Today I carved out an hour ::rim shot:: to make a quickie punkin.  I just used a large rake, a small rake and a knife.  I'm not terribly proud of it, and I probably should have planned what I was going to do first.  But here it is anyway.  I was going for a Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein kind of thing.  Hope you like my little how to carve a pumpkin demonstration.

Dynamic Duo




initial shave

Right about when I knew I should have planned it out.

Aw, man.  Why didn't I plan this out?


I guess he will do.

Lubed him up with vasiline to seal in the moisture.

Next week: back to the art

Release the Kraken!

I had a few minutes to play:

Be safe my New York friends...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Screw the Debate, Let's Talk About Important Stuff... Like Halloween.

Well, Halloween is nigh and I've been hard at work on my entire family's costumes.  Some things are going better than others.  I have custom sewn some pleather (without a pattern) and made a pretty boss Robin suit.  Batgirl is 99% done.   Batman has the bulk of the work to do.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Seaming the batmask.   Some of the seams are so bad there's no fixing them, but really they are unnoticeable from more tan a few feet.

sewn while the model was at work.

Pretty snazzy
I'm going to redo the boots, but otherwise we're all set!

I saw this somewhere online and I couldn't help myself.

Next week we get to see the finished costumes!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Masks and Flashing

So, I know the costume work I'm doing isn't really "art" per se, but I am using all my artistic chops to get it done.  I've also sanded out a new mask for my muppet heads and it's looking mighty good.  Check it all out:
Poor man's earplugs

What took hours, now takes 15mins with a belt sander

Demolded.  I don't think I can express to you how happy I was that this came out well.  The mold gods were smiling on me yet again.

My badass cape which is probably my second proudest achievement

Here it is.  I am doing another casting to see if I can fix some of the seaming issues, but this one will work even if the next one doesn't pan out.

Next week: the toothening

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 I had a bit of a fun find this weekend.  I found rome old Masters of the Universe characters in a bargain bin (and a pretty sweet MOTU Classics Skeletor!)  Enough of that.  I managed to fleece my latest head.  Even with the Henson Stitch, I feel like I will need to do something extra to conceal the seams.  I was going to try flocking it and see what happens.
In an astonishing turn of events I managed to demold my Batman mask without a hitch.  It just sort of popped off.  I was feeling pretty good about myself.   More on the costumes next week.  I'm also looking to start another head and polish the latest one off.

Rough cut


All seamed up

 and ready for teeth


Sexy Skeletor is looking for someone to master his universe.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Return of the Mask

No, I'm not making praying mantises (manti?) I just almost stepped on this one yesterday.  Anyway, so I'm back in full force on the heads with some newfound inspiration, so hopefully I can get some more of these guys done in the next month or so.  So check it out:

Much like the Cat in the Hat I live a mess everywhere I go

Added extra jaw and some cheakbones

I thought I'd give he belt sander a try for smoothing.  Not perfect, but it cut out about 2 hours of work.  I couldn't find my earplugs so I used 2 AAA batteries.

Next week I'll be adding his skin :)