Friday, April 8, 2016

Phoenix Art Museum Installation: Contemporary forum

 Hey Folks, boy have I been busy.  This is part of my installation at the Phoenix Art museum.  I've begun my residency at the Livery in Scottsdale and I've been working there in earnest.  Here is the making of the X-Ray machine.  If you want to see the final piece check out the Contemporary Forum show at the Phoenix Art Museum or check it out on my website under "Little Terrors".

More Making-of to come
 MDF sure is nice

 Hey, check it out....

 It folds up so you can put it away!

 Creepy stuff in the mail.

 The Varnishing
rated: PG-13

 Perdy colors.

 Sometimes I think I should just make great looking multiples of nothing.

 no indigo.

 Getting there.

Sorry, no making-of here... just done.

It pays to have a auto painter for a father-in-law

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