Monday, June 11, 2012

Pressure (pushin' down on me)


         This week wasn't as productive as I'd hoped.  I got my pressure pot and air compressor (financed by a focus group I was a part of for Autocad).  Only to discover that my the pressure gauge on the pressure pot was busted and I needed a cap for to keep the pressure pot from leaking air.
          It turned out to be a really nice weekend with my family though and I got to relax a bit in Cambridge.
          Anyway, I managed to do one really rushed casting that defeated a lot of the point of having the pressure pot in the first place, but it definitely left some pretty great air pockets (see above).  Hopefully next week will be better.  I also managed to carve the largest mask so far (see below)

New Toys

Very Rushed castings


 Maybe to peachy?

 Waaaayyy too peachy

Big head day

My 2 year old draws faces

and sculpts horses

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