Monday, June 25, 2012

The Henson Stitch

So from what I had read, the Henson stitch was a myth.  For those of you who don't know, this is the stitch used on muppets to make the seams less visible (by the way, really spellcheck? You don't recognize muppet?).  Anyway, it's real and it's labor intensive, but the results are really good!  I drew a little diagram for those of you who are interested in how it works.  Now I'm not using Antron fleece like the pros, but it still came out pretty nice.

knot through the back

Go under, up and through

Go back to where you pushed the needle through initially.  Go under, up and through

Go back to where you last pulled the needle through.  Go under, up and through

And so on...

After an inch or two, pull the thread tight and it should come together nicely

When you are done run your needle back and forth over the seam to pull out the fuzz
tip: try to keep your stitches close together and parallel to avoid wrinkling.

Next week: currently a mystery

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  1. Oh nathan. Reading this post with your voice in my head...especially in the "really spellcheck?" part...totally made me miss you. lol. Its not often I miss grad school, but every once in a while it gets me!