Monday, July 2, 2012

Old, New, Borrowed and Brown

So, somehow or other, I found these videos that show some quick snippets of myself working on the bases for "Real Gone #1" and "Maya from my thesis show "bigger than you".   I spent some time learning from the man himself, Jim Lopez.  He was extremely generous with his time and skills.  If you ever need some quality body work, he lives in Glendale, AZ.  

This weekend was a busy one with all the visiting sister, Fionna Apple concert, and tall ships in Boston harbor, I barely had time to think.  I did start something, I won't show you until I get a little further into. In the mean time I'll show you some tools/materials I've acquired recently.

This being a long weekend, I'm determined to get some real work done.  So we shall see how that goes and you can be the judge next tuesday!

New Gender Neutral Felting Tools

 Recently acquired sketchbook.  Toned paper to give my drawings delusions of grandeur 
p.s.: I always leave the first page blank until I have a great drawing idea

Found the base of a brown leather couch being thrown way by rich kids that live in my building.  I skinned it like a mammoth and now have a few yards of brown leather I don't know quite what to do with.  (this will probably end up on a costume at some point in the distant future)

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