Monday, July 9, 2012

Venus Anthropomorph

As is often the case with best laid plans... Well you know the rest.  I did get to refine the base for a piece I'm working on which is a sculpture of a painting a did last year (see below).  I tried sanding the dense foam I've been making the heads out of, but it didn't work.  This means I'm going to have to use a razor to refine all the heads (Charlie Brown "Argh!") Ultimately, this weekend was a bust as far as art-making.  I did get to take my daughter to see fireworks for the first time and get rained on for a very memorable 4th.  We also bought a vacuum and got to see what abject squalor our previous vacuum had been subjecting us to (always a terrifying thrill).  I also cleaned out our storage space, so now we can clean the junk out of our apartment.  I also wrote down a list of motivators for myself that I think I'm going to do in illustrator and maybe share with you if they aren't overtly embarrassing.
Next week will be more entertaining, I promise.

Big Time


Baby Got Back

What I did on my Summer Vacation

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