Monday, July 23, 2012

Sew it Seams....

 So this week I smoothed out the foam head like crazy and covered it in fleece.  Then I Henson Stitched the seams and put the teeth in.  It's actually more of an orangie/elmo red, not so much the bright orange you see here.  I also had some rather good luck this week with garbage (see below)

sew it seams....

 mmmm, so pretty
 Smile, though your heart is breaking.

I found two oak drawers from a old danish desk that I turned into cabinet shelves for the work station.

Not too shabby.  Needs some shelves and maybe some doors.

Put this one in the crap the rich kids in my building throw away pile.  A  mint condition $400, leather Sater Sofa.  no scuffs or tears, only the slightest smell of pomade that will be easily remedied with some leather cleaner.

Next week: I will start a new head and finish the tongue for the first head.

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