Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Casting a Tongue in Silicone

I was busy at Toy Fare last week, so sorry for the brief break.  This week I am casting a tongue in my plaster mold.  No release agent necessary, silicone really only likes to stick to itself and very porous surfaces.  Rather than store bought pigments, I usually use oil paints.  It doesn't take much, just a dot or two and I can usually mix the exact color I want (do not use water-based oils).  I mix it into the the thicker half of the silicone mixture first and then use it ass a gauge of how well my silicone is mixed.  I use a Smooth-On brand Dragon Skin silicone.  It sets in about 15 minutes (that's a lot of slushing the mold around).
I add a second layer with a much richer red that will show through the translucent first layer.

 Then I back it with a final stabilizing layer.  Once the thin stuff has set, I know it's ready to demold.



Adding a think coat of clear for god measure and good sliminess.

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