Tuesday, March 5, 2013

From IKEA with Love

This week I'm writing about some side projects that I have neglected to talk about for the past month or so.  I mentioned Toy Fair last time and no, Maya wasn't allowed IN to the event (poor kid) she was relegated to the front section.  She was pretty happy to get balloons and stuff though. I found some ikea bed slats in the trash area of our building that I am converting into a shoe rack for the front of the house for Valentines Day for Christina.  I counted out the number of slats and did a rough drawing and I have started cutting.

Figured out the measurements and so on

Here are the slats as they come.  Stapled together with nylon straps.  Tearing out the staples was by far the most labor intensive part of the build.

Construction of the top part of the rack

I worked on this slowly over a month so, so I kept the various pieces hidden and organized by letters.  Please ignore the Cinderella Blu Ray.  I will post the finished piece next week and hopefully have some art to show as well.

in Arizona Maya made some art of her own.  She insisted on taking her own pictures.

Top view

Hello Pancake for Valentines day

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