Monday, August 20, 2012

The Absolute Dumbest Way to Duplicate Your Head

 So, this week I wanted to make a cast of my head... I don't have money or resources so I went about it very stupidly, but it worked.  So, for some time now I've had a rapid prototype of  my face lying around.  I made it a few years back with the help of people more skilled than I.  I eyeballed the scale for the printout so it ended up being about 4% larger than my already massive face.  Fortunately the materials I'll be casting in tend to shrink around 3% so it all works out.  Anyway here's what I did next:
Took pictures of myself from the front and side with a measuring tape in front and scaled the images in illustrator.  I created a grid, traced the silhouettes with the pen tool and printed them out.

I transferred them to mdf I had laying around and cut that out with the scroll saw.

I slotted them to make them 3-D

 I cut out where the existing face should go

inside or outside?

Filling in the back of the head

Probably weighs less than my real head.

TGIF (thank god it's fall)

We bought a lamp for maya and painted it orange

Now it matches the Marco Rosichelli print we have on her wall and the cloud I made for her.

Next week:
 I show you how to sculpt a figure out of polymer clay.

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