Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Sculpt a Man with No Head

 I'll just jump right into the how to.  I always start by making my clay opaque (super sculpey is inherently translucent) SO I mix in some other colors so that I can see the flaws in the sculpt more easily.  In this case, I had some yellow lying around.

Next I make a basic armature skeleton marking major joints

then I wrap that in more wire so that the clay or aluminum foil doesn't slide off. . .
I really recommend working on your ipad. It adds a touch of class.

I usually wrap in aluminum foil so that I don't have to go too thick with the clay.  if you go more than 3/8ths of an inch on either side of the armature you might run into some cracking issues


layout of basic muscle groupings

No hands or feet yet, but we're almost there.

No head either... but this guy doesn't get a head.
Next week, I'll try to finish this guy's sculpt.


  1. Nathan, this is amazing. You could totally sculpt fantasy miniatures too!

  2. Hey Dain! Glad you like it. I used to want to sculpt action figures for a living, so a lot of my first sculptures were on that scale. I like to do one every once in a while to show myself I can still do it. I've still got some finishing touches for this guy. I'll probably have it done before Christmas. :)