Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Sculpt Tiny Hands (and Batman)

So I can sculpt torsos all day long, but hands and feet take forever.  So I thought I'd dedicate a post to hand sculpting.  There's also a sneak peak at my halloween costume and some rad drawings  below.  

I start by making a very basic wire armature for my hand that was proportionate to my figure.

Then I figure out the positioning of the fingers and start adding clay and roughing out wrinkles and bones.

75% of the way there, starting to add veins.

Full Detailing

Give me five

I'm sculpting the mask, not that I deserve, but the mask I needed

Maya and I go on dates at Fajitas and Ritas because they have paper table cloths.  She drew our family. Here is the picture she drew of mommy.

Self-portrait (possibly as a dinosaur)

And me... Giant head.  Tiny body.  Not bad for a 2.5yr old.
Getting a new phone next month.  Hopefully the picture quality will increase.
Next week I'll post about feet!

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